Your Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms tracker

Track symptoms. Stay informed.

Having cold/flu like symptoms? We help you track your symptoms over time and compare them to those of cold, flu and COVID-19.


What do we do enables you to describe anonymously your symptoms and track their progression over time. Your data will be used according to your consent and not for commercial purposes. We will keep you informed about:

How your symptoms compare
to those of other individuals

How your symptoms compare
to models provided by WHO & CDC

Latest medical discoveries
on the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Only scientific data

All data provided by the platform has been compiled from official sources, including the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or peer reviewed publication in reputable journals (see list of sources below). We do not use data or advice “shared” on social media platforms.

Better knowledge, improved outcomes for everyone

We continuously process your own description of your symptoms and instantly create machine-readable data that can be used by both you and other users of the platform. This will lead to:

  • A more complete picture of the disease
  • A data-driven method to inform prognosis and disease progression for everyone.

Data sources


Important Information

The content of the website ( (together, the Content) is supplied by Pryzm Health Pty Ltd and contains general information only.
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The Content incorporates data belonging to third parties (e.g. the World Health Organisation) for which we are not responsible nor do we control. We cannot verify the accuracy of such third party information and make no warranty or assurance in relation to its quality, accuracy or completeness.

If you think you may have a medical emergency (including the COVID-19 virus), call your doctor or your local emergency number immediately and/or follow any guidelines issued by the relevant authorities in relation to COVID-19.

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