Our team

Multiple disciplines, united with one goal

Our team brings together expert biomedical curators, clinicians, and software engineers, who are driven to transform the way rare disease data is collected, curated and shared with the world.

The Monarch Initiative

The Monarch Initiative ( was named after the monarch butterfly, who always knows the way across large migration distances and multiple generations. Our international team is comprised of expert biological curators, informaticians, and software engineers who build systems that extract biomedical knowledge and refine it. The team is renowned for its development of the Human Phenotype Ontology and the diagnostic tool Exomiser, both of which have been revolutionary in the diagnosis of rare diseases. The Monarch Initiative is dedicated to the development and use of open source, open science practices; we are active contributors to many standards communities such as the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health, the International Rare Disease Research Consortium, and others.

Pryzm Health

Pryzm Health is an early-stage digital health company, focused on identifying and accelerating patient diagnosis in the rare and inherited disease domain. Pryzm Health fulfills its mission through the development of secure and clinically-compliant software to support phenotyping and analysis of phenotypes to serve patients and the healthcare industry. The team has direct experience with delivering and maintaining software governed by strict clinical accreditation rules and guidelines. From a research perspective, the Pryzm Health founders have built and made available large-scale concept recognition tools and knowledge curation platforms. The team has also participated in national and international clinical phenotype standardisation initiatives, including Australian Genomics and Global Alliance for Genomics and Health.